Monokai is the lab of Wimer Hazenberg

(it's also the name of a color palette)

Expressive works

  • Gen.Art

    NFTs on fx(hash)

    Fx(hash) is a platform that allows artists to upload a generative art system that produces a unique work each time a collector purchases an edition. I've been interested in exactly this intersection of art and code for a long time. Fx(hash) uses the energy efficient blockchain Tezos. One of my projects Fire Card got featured as one the icons of generative art on the curation platform


  • Plotter Art

    Thousands and thousands of lines

    I've developed algorithmic systems that produce artworks that only consist of thin vector lines. This makes these works perfect for letting a plotter draw them with various pens on paper. The systems are continously tweaked to allow for new interesting variations.

    Some of these works are collectible as digital NFTs on the Teia platform.


  • Trip to Japan

    an interactive photo report

    In the spring of 2019 I made a trip to Japan and took a lot of pictures. I decided to create a dedicated site of that trip, to keep a digital artifact of my memories. It got featured as Site of the Day on Awwwards.

    [a trip to Japan]

  • Minimal Wim

    a digital typography experiment

    Minimal Wim is a grid-based typography experiment based on the pioneering work of Dutch graphic designer Wim Crouwel. It all started with one question: "how to construct an entire alphabet out of a minimal 3x3 grid?".

    The final result is a grid-based typeface entirely constructed out of code. Minimal Wim is a digital experience that simultaneously shows the end result and its process. It got featured as Site of the Day on Awwwards.


  • Data artist

    Code x photography

    I'm fascinated by the notion of emergence arising from inanimate systems and I'm continuously looking for ways to let computers create something that's aesthetically pleasing to humans.

    Transforming code into something that has art quality is one of my goals.


  • Photos

    Of architecture, forests and humans

    I often carry a camera. Sometimes I try to document the current atmosphere.

    My pictures of the student protests and the occupation of the Maagdenhuis building in 2015 are in the Amsterdam City Archive.

    [Monokai on Flickr]

  • Music


    A long, long time ago I made some music tracks, ranging from electro to drum 'n bass to chiptunes.

    I started with a 4 channel module tracker through a pc speaker, and generally built up my way from there. I made music for movies and for games. My trax were in space.

    [Monokai on Spotify]

Software projects

  • Monokai Pro

    A color palette for professional developers

    Most of my hours are spent in a text editor. In 2006 I customized its colors and saved this preset as "Monokai". Sublime Text adopted it as its default, and it has been remixed and reimplemented in almost all editors ever since.

    In 2017 I launched Monokai Pro as the first commercial theme for text editors. Carefully selected shades of colors and pixel perfect icons are the foundation of an uncompromising, non-distractive user interface.

    The single goal of Monokai Pro is to help you focus. It's available for Sublime Text and Visual Studio code.


  • My Brand New Logo

    A professional design for everyone

    My Brand New Logo is an automatic logo generator. Based on a couple of questions, it generates good-looking logo designs for everybody who needs a quick logo.

    This web app is full of custom algorithms that try to mimic the choices that a professional designer would make. Finalist on Product Hunt, featured on the front page of Hacker News. Recommended by Lifehacker as the best choice to create a quick, slick business logo.


  • That Can Be My Next Tweet

    That Can Be My Next Tweet generates your future tweets based on the DNA of your existing messages.

    The idea is simple, the output mostly absurd, but it generally makes people laugh.

    It reached 1M visitors in its first week, generating 2 tweets per second at its peak. The site got featured on Gizmodo, Time, CNN, The Next Web, Mashable and other blogs.